Top 15 Emerging CEOs of India Revolutionizing Business

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Visionary leadership is the cornerstone of every successful enterprise. It’s the driving force behind innovations that disrupt industries and reshape the future. In India, a new wave of CEOs is not only keeping pace with global trends but also setting benchmarks of excellence. These emerging leaders are transforming their respective fields with ingenuity and determination. Let’s delve into the journeys of 15 such trailblazers who are revolutionizing business in India. These are the top 15 emerging CEOs of India who are truly making a difference.

List of top 15 emerging CEOs of India

Rahul Bhadoriya, Co-founder and CEO of Mr. Mint & Sportsmint

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From a small-town boy to a celebrated tech entrepreneur, Rahul Bhadoriya’s story is one of sheer grit and innovation. His pioneering work in the blockchain space has redefined industries. As one of the notable CEOs of India, Bhadoriya’s Sportsmint, a decentralized sports fantasy platform, utilizes blockchain to ensure transparency and security, setting a new standard in fantasy sports. With Stepmint, Rahul has combined physical fitness with earning potential, encouraging healthier lifestyles through a decentralized reward system. Mr. Mint ties these ventures together, creating a robust ecosystem for users.

Dr. Paramjeet Singh Makani, Pantomath and CorpGini

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Dr. Paramjeet Singh Makani epitomizes success through unconventional paths. Despite academic setbacks, he has scaled over 30 companies across various sectors. As President of Pantomath Financial Services Group, he leads a global financial powerhouse. His collaborations with prominent figures, including former US President Donald Trump, highlight his problem-solving prowess. Honored with multiple accolades, Dr. Makani’s visionary mindset and practical wisdom continue to drive his success, solidifying his status among the top emerging CEOs of India.

Rajiv Sharma, NLP Limited

CEOs of India

With over three decades of leadership experience, Rajiv Sharma is a respected coach and speaker. He developed the MARK Model™, a framework for mindset shifts, action execution, and innovation. Specializing in Behavior Transformation and Leadership Development, Rajiv has trained over 700,000 professionals globally, including at renowned organizations like Microsoft and Google. His transformative sessions deliver immediate and lasting change, making him one of the influential CEOs of India.

Mohit Mohapatra, NaturePro

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Mohit Mohapatra is revolutionizing skincare with NaturePro by offering toxin-free and chemical-free products. His commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products to the entire value chain. NaturePro’s packaging innovations, such as biodegradable bottles, reflect this dedication. Mohit’s vision includes bringing Korean skincare innovations to India with Slayit. Recognized as a top Corporate Sustainability Voice by LinkedIn, Mohit is also leveraging AI for marketing, operations, and product R&D, setting new standards in the industry, positioning himself as one of the leading CEOs of India in the skincare sector.

Abhishek Mahankal, TRADR

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Abhishek Mahankal, the young founder of TRADR TRADING ACADEMY, has transformed financial education. Despite leaving engineering studies, his passion for stock markets led him to establish TRADR, Nagpur’s premier stock market training institute. Through workshops and mentorship programs, TRADR has empowered over 2,000 students. Abhishek’s dedication and innovative approach have earned him recognition from top institutions and media outlets, making him a prominent figure among the emerging CEOs of India.

Aman Gupta, Boat

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Aman Gupta’s journey from Citibank to co-founding BoAt is inspiring. With a passion for music and an initial investment of ₹30 lakh, he built BoAt into a household name known for affordable and quality audio products. Under his leadership, BoAt has achieved remarkable success, securing celebrity endorsements and accolades. His role as an investor on Shark Tank further highlights his influence in the startup ecosystem, making him one of the most recognizable CEOs of India.

Puneet Gupta, Astrotalk

CEOs of India

Puneet Gupta’s Astrotalk bridges technology and astrology, offering a unique platform for astrological consultations. Despite initial struggles, Puneet’s dedication has led to Astrotalk’s impressive growth, with a significant user base and strong financial health. The company’s plans for an IPO reflect its success and future potential. Puneet’s journey from skepticism to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a testament to perseverance and innovation, earning him a spot among the emerging CEOs of India.

Akshay Khurana, Azoth Biotech

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Akshay Khurana’s Azoth Biotech is leading the wellness industry with science-backed ingredients and innovations. Specializing in medicinal mushrooms, Azoth Biotech offers natural wellness solutions. Akshay’s leadership extends to other ventures, including the Ambalika Group and Shriram Universal School. His commitment to quality and innovation makes Azoth Biotech a frontrunner in the industry, highlighting his impact as one of the emerging CEOs of India.

Vivek Jain, VoiceOwl

CEOs of India

Vivek Jain’s VoiceOwl has revolutionized AI-powered contact center solutions for enterprises. Specializing in generative AI, VoiceOwl creates custom large language models tailored to client needs. Vivek’s journey began with a passion for AI, leading him to co-found O Genie and later launch VoiceOwl. His influence extends to Swaarnim Naturscience Limited, where he focuses on operational optimization and strategic AI implementation. This makes him one of the transformative CEOs of India.

Surajit Chanda, Toyow

CEOs of India

Surajit Chanda’s Toyow is transforming digital asset ownership with a user-friendly marketplace offering real-world rewards. With a background in engineering and marketing, Surajit has led multiple ventures, including Aqex Technologies and Verite Self Development. His expertise in blockchain and real estate drives Toyow’s success and innovative solutions, earning him recognition as one of the top emerging CEOs of India.

Rajiv Williams, Deccan Progressive Realty LLP

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Rajiv Williams’ Deccan Progressive Realty LLP is dedicated to streamlining real estate transactions. With a background in business management and a successful tenure at PVR, Rajiv brings a commitment to excellent customer service. His leadership in branding and advertising extends to Dezign Shark, showcasing his diverse expertise. His role in real estate innovation positions him as one of the influential CEOs of India.

Anupam Ghosal, Riple

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Anupam Ghosal’s Riple revolutionizes news consumption with AI-driven personalization and community engagement. With a blend of technical expertise and business acumen, Anupam has built a platform that delivers short, impactful news and fosters interaction. Riple’s success is reflected in its high ratings and user base growth, positioning Anupam as one of the emerging CEOs of India making significant impacts in media and technology.

Vinay Agastya, Ctruh

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Vinay Agastya’s Ctruh makes metaverse creation accessible and affordable. With a background in mechanical engineering and industrial design, Vinay has led Ctruh to secure significant funding and expand its team. His vision for future digital interactions is inspiring, driving innovation in the metaverse space. As one of the innovative CEOs of India, Vinay is setting new benchmarks in digital experiences.

Sanjib Sahoo, Ingram Micro

CEOs of India

Sanjib Sahoo’s leadership at Ingram Micro has driven digital transformation and industry innovation. With a background from prestigious institutions and experience at major tech companies, Sahoo has introduced groundbreaking concepts like DigiOps and Digital BMI. His recognitions and global impact make him a prominent figure in technology distribution, solidifying his status among the top CEOs of India.

Namrata Sandhu, Vaayu Tech

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Namrata Sandhu’s Vaayu Tech helps retailers track and minimize environmental impact in real-time. With a strong foundation in economics and environmental science, Namrata has led Vaayu Tech to global reach and partnerships with major brands. Her vision for sustainable retail is driving positive change in the industry, making her one of the pioneering CEOs of India in sustainability.


These emerging CEOs of India exemplify visionary leadership, transforming their industries with innovation, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. Their journeys inspire and pave the way for future leaders, ensuring that the Indian business landscape continues to thrive and evolve. Through their groundbreaking work, these CEOs of India are not only shaping the present but also building a promising future for the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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