BH Series Number Plate Eligibility and How to Apply

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Navigating the complexities of vehicle registration in India has become more streamlined with the introduction of the BH Series number plate. Designed to facilitate greater mobility and reduce bureaucratic red tape, this new system offers significant advantages for eligible vehicle owners. Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process is crucial for those looking to benefit from this initiative.

What is the BH Series Number Plate?

The BH Series number plate, also known as the Bharat series, is a revolutionary vehicle registration format introduced by the Indian government. Its primary purpose is to enable seamless interstate mobility for vehicle owners, eliminating the need for multiple registrations as individuals move across state lines.

Eligibility Criteria for BH Series Number Plate

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility for the BH Series number plate is extended to specific groups, including government employees, private sector employees, and armed forces personnel. Each group has distinct requirements that must be met to qualify.

Specific Requirements

Applicants must meet certain criteria, such as proof of employment and the nature of their job, to be eligible for the BH Series number plate. This ensures that the system is used by those who genuinely need the mobility benefits it offers.

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Benefits of the BH Series Number Plate

National Mobility

One of the primary advantages of the BH Series number plate is the ability to travel freely across states without the hassle of changing vehicle registration. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with transferable jobs.

Cost Efficiency

By eliminating the need for multiple registrations, the BH Series number plate helps reduce the financial burden associated with vehicle transfers. This cost-saving aspect is a significant benefit for frequent movers.

Simplified Transfer Process

The BH Series number plate simplifies the vehicle transfer process, making it easier to manage and reducing the time and effort involved in re-registration.

Detailed Eligibility Breakdown

Government Employees

Government employees, including those in state and central services, are eligible for the BH Series number plate. They must provide proof of their employment status and transferability.

Private Sector Employees

Employees in private sector companies with offices in multiple states can also apply for the BH Series number plate. A certificate from the employer confirming the transferability of the job is required.

Armed Forces Personnel

Members of the armed forces, due to the nature of their duties and frequent relocations, are eligible for the BH Series number plate. Proof of service and transfer orders are typically required.

How to Apply for BH Series Number Plate

Step-by-Step Guide

Applying for the BH Series number plate involves several steps. From gathering the necessary documents to submitting the application, the process must be followed meticulously to avoid delays.

Required Documentation

Proof of Employment

A certificate from the employer, indicating the nature of employment and transferability, is essential for the application.

Identity Proof

Valid identity proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card, or passport is required to verify the applicant’s identity.

Address Proof

Proof of address, such as utility bills or rental agreements, must be submitted to confirm the applicant’s residential details.

Online Application Process

Portal Navigation

The online application can be submitted through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) portal. Applicants must register and navigate through the portal to access the application form.

Form Submission

Once the form is filled out with the necessary details, it must be submitted along with scanned copies of the required documents.

Offline Application Process

Regional Transport Office (RTO) Visit

For those preferring offline methods, a visit to the local Regional Transport Office (RTO) is required. The necessary forms can be collected and submitted there.

Form Submission

The filled application form, along with the required documents, must be submitted at the RTO for processing.

Fees and Payment Methods

Application Fees

A nominal fee is charged for the application process. The exact amount can vary based on the vehicle type and registration state.

Accepted Payment Modes

Payments can be made through various modes, including online banking, credit/debit cards, and cash payments at the RTO.

Processing Time

Expected Time Frame

The processing time for the BH Series number plate application typically ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the workload and efficiency of the RTO.

Factors Affecting Processing Time

Factors such as incomplete documentation, high application volumes, and administrative delays can affect the processing time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Incomplete Documentation

Submitting incomplete documentation is a common mistake that can delay the application process. Ensure all required documents are included.

Incorrect Information

Providing incorrect information on the application form can lead to rejection. Double-check all details before submission.

Renewal and Maintenance

Renewal Process

The BH Series number plate must be renewed periodically. The renewal process involves re-submitting certain documents and paying a renewal fee.

Maintaining Eligibility

Maintaining eligibility for the BH Series number plate requires continuous proof of employment and transferability. Regular updates may be needed to ensure compliance.


The BH Series number plate offers significant mobility and cost benefits for eligible individuals. Understanding the eligibility criteria, gathering the necessary documentation, and following the correct application process can help applicants take full advantage of this system.

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